Robby Treadwell
Owner & Founder

I'm Robby Treadwell, the driving force behind UnionPerformance, a vibrant fitness and lifestyle community that has been uplifting Oklahoma City residents for more than 8 years. Possessing 14 years of professional expertise in health and fitness, along with a solid foundation in exercise science from my days as a student athlete, I have witnessed the transformation of the fitness industry and consider myself a leader in its ongoing evolution.

My Story:
Driven by a deep passion for fitness, my approach is founded on creating a welcoming environment designed to embrace individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. I see fitness as a lifestyle, not just a routine, advocating for a holistic path to real, attainable results. My goal is to create an environment and exercise programs focused on improving movement, enhancing wellbeing, and fortifying both the body and mind. Leveraging innovation and adaptability, I've developed a technology-driven personal training oasis, committed to functional movement and advanced programming. From the beginning, I've championed a distinctive fitness methodology, providing flexible gym schedules to meet my members' varied needs. My journey has consistently defied traditional fitness norms, cultivating a space where personal growth and flexibility thrive. Witnessing members flourish through my adaptable scheduling and innovative workouts has been a privilege, reinforcing a culture of progress and inclusivity. This combination of cutting-edge practices and a comprehensive view of wellness encapsulates my dedication to not just fulfill but surpass the health and fitness aspirations of those I guide, making every individual's path to fitness as impactful and transformative as possible.

My Mission:
My mission is to redefine the fitness experience by prioritizing safety, enjoyment, and efficiency in every workout. I am dedicated to programming that not only challenges the body and mind but also enhances daily life without leading to burnout. By focusing on workouts that are both effective and sustainable, I aim to support my members in achieving their fitness goals while promoting a balanced lifestyle. My commitment extends beyond the physical, encouraging mental resilience and a positive mindset that empowers my community members to tackle each day with renewed vigor and confidence.

My Vision:
I envision a future where fitness is seamlessly integrated into daily life, contributing to overall well-being and longevity rather than being viewed as a mere pursuit of quick results. My vision is for a community that thrives on simplicity, consistency, work ethic, and discipline, achieving remarkable and lasting results. I believe in the power of a lifestyle that uses fitness as a tool to enhance everyday experiences, creating momentum and energy that propel my members forward. As I look ahead, I am committed to expanding my impact and inspiring more individuals to embrace a holistic approach to fitness that enriches their lives in profound and enduring ways.