Our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts are designed as total body strength sessions, focusing on functional, safe, and enjoyable exercises. These workouts, scalable to any fitness level, emphasize key movements like pulling, pressing, hinging, and squatting, with our ultimate goal being longevity through physical and mental health.

Each session begins with mobility and activation circuits, priming your body and mind for the workout ahead. This pre-workout routine is crucial for optimizing performance and enhancing recovery. The exercises target functional strength throughout the body, concentrating on primary movements and muscle group engagement.

Our approach is to challenge you in a safe, effective, and efficient manner, aiding in the development and maintenance of your physical and mental strength. All workouts are meticulously planned and can be accessed via our Virtual Trainer, streamed directly to the gym. You have two options: follow the daily workout at your own pace whenever convenient, or use our space and equipment for a self-directed workout.


cardio & hiit

Our Tuesday and Thursday sessions are dynamic total body cardio and HIIT workouts, featuring a blend of core work, functional cardio movements, and mobility exercises. These workouts are designed to be short yet intensely effective, moving beyond traditional cardio routines on machines to exercises that challenge your movement and leave you feeling good and energized.

Expect a fast-paced environment with circuits that include resistance bands, medicine balls, battle ropes, cardio equipment, and bodyweight exercises. Our approach to cardio breaks away from conventional steady-state exercises, focusing instead on functional circuits that not only challenge your body but also provide a satisfying total body burn and sweat.

As with all our workouts, these sessions are meticulously planned and available for streaming through our Virtual Trainer directly to the gym. You have the flexibility to either follow the daily workout at your own pace, whenever it suits you, or use our space and equipment for your own tailored workout.